Team Clinical Consultation

Team Clinical Consultation at Psynergy Centre Health & Wellness, is a vital part of our approach to providing high-quality mental health and wellness services. This collaborative process involves a full multidisciplinary team meeting of professionals coming together to discuss complex cases, share insights, and develop comprehensive care plans for our clients.

The goal is to leverage the collective expertise of our team in one appointment with the client, vs the client attending to 15+ separate appointments, to ensure the best possible outcomes for those we serve. Psynergy Centre has the most Master’s Level and above care providers in one clinic in and around Medicine Hat. The expertise and over 100 years of collective experience is unparalleled making it the most comprehensive collaborative integrative wellness centre the ‘forgotten corner’ of Alberta has to offer.

Key Benefits of Team Clinical Consultation at Psynergy Centre:

How Team Clinical Consultation Works at Psynergy Centre:

Team clinical consultation at Psynergy Centre underscores our commitment to excellence in client care and professional development. By harnessing the collective expertise of our multidisciplinary team, we enhance our ability to provide compassionate, effective, and innovative care to the Medicine Hat community (or beyond via virtual options).