Nature Assisted & Forest Therapy

Nature Assisted Therapy and Forest Therapy, rooted in the profound belief that connection with the natural world is essential to physical and mental health, are integral components of the holistic wellness approach which is why  Psynergy Centre in Medicine Hat, Alberta is situation along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. These therapeutic practices leverage the healing power of nature to promote well-being, reduce stress, and enhance mindfulness.

Nature Assisted Therapy at Psynergy Centre incorporates elements of the natural environment into traditional therapeutic practices. By integrating outdoor activities, such as walking in natural settings, gardening, or animal-assisted therapy, into our wellness programs, we facilitate a deep connection between our clients and the natural world. This approach supports emotional healing, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, and promotes a sense of peace and well-being.

Forest Therapy, also known as Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, is a Japanese practice that involves immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the forest. At Psynergy Centre, our Forest Therapy sessions guide participants through mindful walks in local natural areas in and surrounding our community, encouraging them to engage their senses fully and connect with the environment around them. This practice has been scientifically shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of happiness.

Benefits of Nature Assisted and Forest Therapy at Psynergy Centre include:

At Psynergy Centre, we are committed to offering innovative and effective wellness solutions to our community. Our Nature Assisted Therapy and Forest Therapy programs are designed to harness the therapeutic power of the natural world, providing a tranquil and healing escape from the stresses of modern life.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your mental health, reduce stress, or simply enjoy the restorative benefits of being in nature, Psynergy Centre’s Nature Assisted and Forest Therapy programs offer a pathway to enhanced well-being and a deeper connection with the natural world. Join us to experience the transformative power of nature and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more balanced life while engaging in your treatment plan in nature.